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Blake speaks professionally to student audiences on the topics of science, science fair project development, and crafting an effective presentation.

Blake also consults one-on-one for middle and high school students looking to hone their presentation skills.

Blake has spoken on stage at the Intersection Event, Compass Summit, Intel Sacramento Science Showcase, and more.

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Blake Marggraff


I'm Blake. Academics and businesses keep me busy. I really enjoy public speaking, hiking, science, and photography.


I'm Blake. My company keeps me busy. I enjoy public speaking, hiking, science, and photography. Most of all, I like working with interesting people on cool projects with audacious goals.

Please enjoy the pictures, patents, and everything else while you're here. If you'd like to get in touch, 
send me a note or schedule time to speak.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Domain of Techli as a featured guest on the Domain Tech Report. There's also a longer version, if you so desire.

A while ago, I won a science award for a neat project. Thanks to Intel for demonstrating that it's so worthwhile to pursue one's passion. Jack Andraka won the year after me.